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  Subject   : S.M METAL Co., Ltd.
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The company has accumulated the training and experiences in the casting material
industry including stainless steel valves and pumps and various kinds of machinery for more ten years,
has intended its endeavors in producing high-quality products based on the
accumulated technology and continuous R&D, and, as a result, accomplished great
satisfaction and credibility of customers in the quality and services.

The company was selected as a strategic item production company for capital goods
industry by Korea Association of Machinery Industry, focuses its endeavors in development of
new materials and improvement of casting technology with aggressive participation in the
industry-academy joint R&D project, and, as a result, shows lots of performances including
the success in development of graphite cast steel material for excellent austemped ductile cast iron.

We intend to do our best in supplying the best-quality products and the best services to keep
the promise with the conviction that it is our mission to become the manure for the development of national
industries through development of new materials and continuous quality improvement.